Artificial grass is best laid by an expert, because installation is a real precision job.

We at FamilyGrass can install the artificial grass professionally for you.  Did you know we are even the first company in Europe to work with certified installation teams? ESTC is the trade association for the artificial grass industry in the EMEA region where we obtained this certificate.

When artificial grass is installed professionally, it remains in place for decades. That is why we give a 10-year warranty on our luxury artificial grass where we have installed it. The quality of a grass mat is not only determined by the material of the artificial grass but also by the solid construction of the underlayer and the cutting and gluing of the artificial grass. To make the grass look really good, it is a must to glue the seams as invisibly as possible. This job requires experience, which of course our installation teams have!

When the grass is in place in your garden, it is sprinkled with sand. This gives stability to the grass and ensures that the artificial grass stays upright. For even distribution of the sand, it is useful to use a special sand machine. The installation team has all the knowledge, skills and materials to make the grass in your garden look beautiful after installation.

10 jaar garantie bij installatie door FamilyGrassESTC logo